Friday, 11 June 2010

Thanks & a NEW UKKO blog!

Dear followers.. thanks for keeping up to date with the goings on at UKKO.

We'd like to let you know about our brand new BLOG. All the same updates and banter, just in a different place.

Please note that we will only be updating the new site and this one will no longer be relevant..

Many thanks and see you there!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

In the Media - Editorial in Sport Magazine

Yesterday we were included in the "Spring is in the air" feature in the ultra stylish Sport magazine.. which is without doubt the best sport weekly out there. Thanks guys.

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Brand New Retro

The Countryside, Irreverence, David Beckham, James Bond, UKKO and Stoke Park Club - a list of things that are quintessentially British. The latter two a soon to be joined at O2 GolfLive, were also experienced by myself this Friday. As I drove (or more to the point was driven) up the grand and somewhat commanding drive and pulled round in front of the astonishing clubhouse I was reminded of the tradition this place was steeped in. They’ve had scenes from two Bond films there, seeing Connery’s Bond beat Auric Goldfinger on the last (Goldfinger 1964), then again scenes were shot here for Tomorrow Never Dies in ’97. Clad in my UKKO garms which shone in the sunlight that hinted a premature beginning to the Great British summer, (what I like to call ‘Cider Advert Weather’) I bounded up the steps on which Daniel Craig lay dying in the end of gangster film ‘Layer Cake’. All these factors made one thing pretty clear, this was the club that typified what UKKO is about – British perfection, to every last detail. From the manicured greens of Stoke Park, to the finely sewn Merino Wool on the knitwear they add up.

I actually had the chance to play the new course at SPC. Those of you that have played there will know that there are three half-track courses, with the Colt and the Alison (named after their prospective designers) making up the Old Course, then the new nine named the ‘Lane Jackson’. It was a beautiful expedition of modern golf as it should be, with challenging hazards, and narrow fairways to make up for the occasional lack of length. The 2nd and 4th (20th and 22nd in context) were personal favourites the first a short Par 4 but not worth using the Big Dog due to the water-guarded left side, and the latter running along the other side of the river, a reachable par five, yet made a test with well placed bunkers, and a punitively narrow fairway. Modern design, but keeping tradition to a fashionable extent – remind you of anyone?

The second nine was preceded with a Bacon Egg Bap, which was so good English words cannot describe so I’ll resort to French and call it an ‘Arc de Triomphe’. So fuelled with that interlude onwards to the old school nine, and a beautiful one it was. Playing away from the clubhouse, this nine meets golfers with greater numbers on the tee-markers and with it, a sterner test. Personally preferring the Alison and Lane Jackson to the Colt, these nine holes designed by Harry Colt cannot afford to be overlooked. The 5th is a pristine dog-leg left with the most obscurely engaging sand trap complex you’ll ever be likely to see, then there’s the historic 7th, on which the 12th at Augusta National is based.

On that note with the Brits challenging well at Augusta it’s worth to mention again that from the 14th to the 16th of May this year, UKKO will be appearing at the inaugural O2 GolfLive event ( at Stoke Park Club, with Masters hopeful Ian Poulter appearing alongside Reteif Goosen, Paul Casey and Ryder Cup Captain Monty. Try your best to be their for the union of two brilliantly British golfing establishments.

Tom Ayling

New UKKO Ambassadors - Laurence Knott, Ian Martin & Colin Shellard

We just wanted to welcome 3 new guys to our Ambassador Programme....

Laurence Knott, who plays off 9 at Muswell Hill GC in London.
Ian Martin, who plays off 2.9 at Kings Norton GC in Worcestershire.
Colin Shellard, who plays off 5 at Newmachar GC in Aberdeen.

More details from them very soon...

Friday, 26 March 2010

Ready for the weekend...

With the passing of the Vernal Equinox I was sure sun was on the way and after a washout on Saturday, the Sun shone resiliently on Sunday, and the decision was made. It’s time to golf.

It was arrogantly close to summer climes and for perhaps the first time since October it was merely short sleeves on the arms, albeit with the Burgundy Sleeveless Cardigan paired over the top. “Sharp” and “precise” were a selection of comments on the attire worn with slick black suit trousers, ‘Look Good’ – Check – I thought as I stood on the first tee, before realising this was the first time in too long I’d swung my sticks in Keatsian territories. It felt sublime to not be choked with layer, and have the UKKO statement out there plainly. The titanium logo shone in the profound sunlight, as I swung smoother than a Sinatra track, and shorter than Lee Trevino, but hey, it was in play. ‘Play Good’ – Check.

It was a high stakes game of match play in an attempt to win back the loss of the preceding day’s bet after my beloved West Ham United fell short against the Arsenal. The thing is, I’m a firm believer that the best shots a golfer will ever hit - of any level, are the strokes played in near darkness, on a late summer’s evening without a soul seeing it. Which is why my second shot of the day surprised me as the eight iron with a quid-seventy left soared up and nestled nicely next to the hole. The concession was gladly received and onwards to the next. Actually, I started playing well and was pretty surprised with how things were going as the lead increased to three by the 16th tee. The 16th at my track is a lengthy dog-leg right par 4 heavily guarded right and left of the short stuff. Despite needing but a half to reclaim my cash and leave the weekend as I started, the only though in my mind was ‘let the big dog eat’ – so I did as the ball swerved somewhat magisterially from left to right and around the corner which put in the stead needed to win the hole and the match 4&2. Happy days.

Now I mentioned the Sleeveless Cardigan earlier, and came about a revelation at the weekend. After the dress-down day in aid of Sport Relief on Friday and repping UKKO with the ever-pristine threads, I realised something of monumental genius. Firstly, if you don’t have the Burgundy Sleeveless, feast your eyes sharpish before it disappears for Spring/Summer replacement, literally it can be worn with anything trousers, suit, Sunday best, hitting the town, even Jeggings (to clear that up, that’s a joke and any man to wear these or ‘Ugg’ boots are unacceptable members of our species). And secondly, when the merino wool is in your hands wear it with all the buttons done up, bar the top one, looks reams. Enjoy looking good...

Another top blog by UKKO Ambassador Tom Ayling.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spotlight on... UKKO sponsored Pro Neil Chaudhuri

Our fourth Pro spotlight focuses on English Professional Neil Chaudhuri. The format is simple: we ask a few questions, they answer and you get to see what makes them tick.

Neil is wearing the UKKO White Cotton Polo, Black Merino Tank & Black Titanium Belt, all available to buy from our online store.

Your tour/base - Alps Tour

Handicap - Reached +3.3 as an Amateur

What's in your bag? (we like details!)
Driver - Callaway FT5 9 degrees
Woods - Callaway X Tour 15 degree 3 wood and a Callaway steelhead 5 wood (an absolute classic)
Irons - Mizuno MP60s 3-PW
Wedges - Cleveland 588 Tour Grind
Putter - David Whitlam
Balls - Titleist Pro V1x

1. Your ultimate fourball with anyone past & present?
Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

2. Before the big game, what's on your iPod to get the adrenalin pumping?
Eminem - Till I collapse.

3. Where would you take them on?
St Andrews

4. What's your fairway style - Bling or brogues?
Brogues for sure. Definitely let the clubs do the talking.

5. How would you celebrate your win?
I would treat myself to a new car. Something fast.

6. 1st and last drink on the 19th?
Champagne to celebrate followed by some Jaiger bombs - so much fun!!

7. Your missus has gone out for the evening - what d'you cook?
Spaghetti Bolognase - I love pasta (and that's all I can cook).

8. Your private jet is on the tarmac and ready to fly - where d'you go?
Thailand - I love that country. Beautiful country, wonderful people and hot all year round. It's paradise.

9. Which club's first in your bag?
The big dog. I had a caddy when I played in South Africa who only let me take driver off every tee. "Let the big dog eat" were his exact words. Since then I've loved to give the driver a rip.

10. Who do you hang around with on tour?
The girls in the VIP tents.

11. (i) How has this season been for you so far?
After a dissapointing start to the season, things are looking up - I narrowly missed out on winning my 1st event as a pro in Spain back in June. It was our biggest event of the season on The Alps Tour. I ended up in 3rd place having led the way for most of the tournament. My 66 in the 1st round was the lowest round of the week and it was nice to be in the mix again.

It's my first season as a pro and so it's a big learning curve for me and like all professions, it takes time to work your way up.

11. (ii) What are your main goals for the remainder of the season?
I would love to have my breakthrough win on The Alps Tour. But my main focus is to prepare well for European Tour Qualifying and Asian Tour Qualifying.

12. Where do you want to be in 3 years?

Living the dream on The European Tour.

13. If golf didn't exist, what would you be doing?
Never given it much thought before - but being a nightclub owner sounds pretty lucrative. Bit random, but the amount they charge you in clubs - it's got to be good money!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

New Stockist - Men's Fashion Independant - Harpers

We're happy to say that Harpers, a mens fashion store in Witney (Oxfordshire) is one of the latest places you can find UKKO.

The UKKO collection is sitting nicely alongside some of the top men's fashion brands on the racks of this trendy independant and without a golf ball in sight, we're definitely beginning to prove we're a brand for on & off the course.

Pictures below...


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Spotlight on... UKKO Ambassador Chris Berry

Chris is one of the original UKKO Ambassadors. We've asked him a few questions to find out what makes him tick...

Your Home Club - Knott End GC
Handicap - 10
Age - 31

What's in your bag
Driver - Taylomade Tour Burner TP with Aldila Voodoo SVS6
Woods - Ping G15 3 Wood with stock stiff shaft, Taylormade r7st 5 wood with DSL300
Irons - Ping i15 with AWT shafts, 1/2 inch long, Yellow dot
Wedges - Titleist Vokey Spin Milled 52 and 58 degree
Putter - Taylormade Rossa Spider/Scotty Cameron Squareback
Balls - Srixon Z Star

1. Your ultimate fourball with anyone past & present?
Darren Clarke - Legend
1980's Seve Ballesteros - Just to see his recovery shots up close
Tiger Woods - Just to be upclose to the best would be awesome

2. Where would you take them on?
Loch Lomond - Beautiful golf course and looks to be a challenge too. Plus plenty of trees for Seve!

3. What club is first in the bag & why?
Putter - You have a love hate relationship with it, but its the club that can make or break your round

4. A crafty beer before the game or in the zone on the putting green with energy drink on stand-by?Putting green

5. Obviously you're wearing UKKO on the 1st - which is your favourite garment?
Its got to be the grey v-neck jumper with purple stitching for me. Although, I am looking forward to the blue with royal blue stitching

6. Any dirty tactics or squeaky clean all the way?
Squeaky clean, of course!

7. You have a 4ft putt to win the game. It circles the cup and drops in - how do you celebrate round the green!?
Just like Seve at St Andrews

8. 1st & last drink at the 19th?
I don't drink alcohol, so its usually a coke

9. To celebrate your win, you fill up the private jet - where do you go?
To see if they will let me join Augusta National!

10. Assuming you don't have a private jet, have a nightmare and lose by the 12th - would you head straight for the driving range or drown your sorrows at the nearest local?
Driving range

11. Why did you want to become an Ambassador for UKKO?
The clothing looked really good and its great to be involved with a new upcoming label

12. If you didn't play golf, which other sport would you be obsessed with?

13. What would you like to see in the next UKKO range?Trousers

14. Apart from becoming an UKKO Ambassador, what's your biggest achievement to date?
Won one of the club majors in 2009 in only my second season at the club

11. What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
Playing off plus handicap and also spending plenty of time with my family

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Vanilla Slice - Unorthodox Return to the Fairways

It was all set-up perfectly I pondered, as I looked thoughtfully out upon a suprisingly sun-baked February morning in preparation for the first competitive round since the turn of the decade. Wait, its February and I haven't played golf properly since the year just gone, wow, must be the weather or something. The weather conditions on this Sunday though, were a far-cry from the snow we were treading, and sledging on a mere month ago, although decidedly fresh, the sun offered some comfort as I munched on my bacon sandwich slowing contemplating how the round would go, what score I'd get, and how great it was to be English after the victory the day before. Yet, golf was the order of the day, and the clubs saw a clean, as did the treads, maybe it wouldn't be such a spectacularly poor round after a month out of the game we know and love.

As I slipped on my pristine UKKO garments, and admired each and every thread, I genuinely believed this could be a good start to my golfing year. I stepped out of the door with an air of expectancy about me and breathed in the cool air. Once at the club I realised that there were in fact a catalogue of unfortunate inconveniences surrounding my humble self that could be unfortunate set-backs. After the strains of football the day before I was supported by two gammy knees, a dodgy ankle, as well as a suspect hip, maybe the seemingly perfect scene before was stained by a body less efficient than John Daly before rehab although in fairness visits to the gym during the week to squeeze those extra yards out of the big-dog, and the aforementioned battle in the name of football did serve culprits for the situation.

Cue dramatic turn of events. After the regulation shanks, fats, thins, and many undescribale shots on the range, I found the iota of beauty every man (or woman) to ever don the plus-fours (not necessarily women here), the high draw. Bliss, perfection, any other superlatives you lovely people can muster up, amybe it would be OK, well I let the on-course game take care of that. After the standard pre-match pysche up routine of a chat with playing partners in banteresque scenes complaining, and appreciating sporting results of the day before, I found myself standing on the first tee.

A surprising start to the round started with the seldom seen combination of back to back birdies, before a visit the the timber on the 4th set me back slightly. I managed to get by the rest of the front nine to stay a stroke under the handicap. The back nine duly ensued and after stringing together pars, on the tee numbered 13 I hit a hook curvier than an 80's model into the cabbage, never to be seen again. I just about managed to complete the round unscathed further, and the post-game drink parched the lips on a content golfer, feeling all the swagger in the UKKO threads.

That brings me on to a bit of a tip for golfers one and all. Just because it's cold outside, it doesn't mean you fashionistas, both seasoned and fruitful have to cover up the beautiful garms with the heavy waterproofs and cumbersome jumpers. My advice to you lot would be layer under over the coming cold months, that way your golfing statement can still stand proud atop your torso. Make the investment in a baselayer, wear a thermal vest under that, then I recommend layer over the warmth with a UKKO White Polo and the Berry Longsleeve Cardigan. If that still isn't warm enough, because of the lower neck of the cardi, add the Indigo V-Neck, and defy the weather and maintain fairway style.

Written by UKKO Ambassador Tom Ayling

If you're interested in becoming an UKKO Ambassador, get in touch via email -

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Exclusive FlexFit Caps on the way!

We went to one of the many local factories we work with yesterday to see our new design Flexfit cap on the embroidery machine - pictures of the trial sample below. This factory in the Cotswolds is an awesome outfit, providing top quality embroidery services. And rather than waiting weeks for the boat to come in, we're picking the whole lot up at the end of the week too... who says local isn't best.

There are 4 colours of the new cap in the pipeline and they should be exclusively available to buy on v soon so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, take a look at the other UKKO headwear available...

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